Evangelicals?? Yeah, they want this shit!!

Back again from a long break, i was looking at the Virginia SB484 law, or the ” Abortion; informed consent” law. According to the state’s legal website, it

Requires that, as a component of informed consent to an abortion, to determine gestation age, every pregnant female shall undergo ultrasound imaging and be given an opportunity to view the ultrasound image of her fetus prior to the abortion. The medical professional performing the ultrasound must obtain written certification from the woman that the opportunity was offered and whether the woman availed herself of the opportunity to see the ultrasound image or hear the fetal heartbeat. A copy of the ultrasound and the written certification shall be maintained in the woman’s medical records at the facility where the abortion is to be performed”.

Never mind that Rove v Wade is in the books….It sounds like…State sponsored rape…all in the name of that little book of magic…


I found this online and i couldn’t say it better myself…





Peace out!!!

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